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The NPC Team Universe competition is widely regarded as the most prestigious natural bodybuilding event in the world. The nation’s cream of the crop gather every year to determine the best natural physique athletes in the country after rigorous drug testing. IFBB Pros Chris Faildo and Johnny Stewart have combined to win a whopping total of EIGHT Team Universe titles. Yes, you read that right…two of our Anabolic Pros have won drug-free bodybuilding’s top title EIGHT TIMES! …

No one knows more about natural bodybuilding than these guys…but don’t take our word for it. Let Chris and Johnny tell you themselves.

Chris Faildo Lifting Weights

Chris Faildo

  • IFBB Professional Bodybuilder
  • Team Universe Welterweight & Overall Champion
  • 5-Time NPC Team Universe Weight Class Champion
  • Holder of Six National Titles
“In my 20 years in the game as a lifetime drug-free athlete, I’ve tried every conceivable natural product to get an edge on the competition. I’d stopped competing because I felt that I’d taken my physique as far as I could. Then, I heard about a new line that was totally unique and taking the industry by storm…Top Legal Steroids.

I ordered it and within 1 month everyone was asking if I was competing again. My results were staggering. My strength and intensity in the gym skyrocketed and my hardness and muscularity improved dramatically. Top Legal Steroids is, by far, the best product line I have ever used and I’m recommending it to everyone I know!”
Johnny Stewart Professional Bodybuilder

Johnny Stewart

  • IFBB Professional Bodybuilder
  • IFBB Masters (Over 40) World Championships, 2nd
  • >
  • IFBB Masters (Over 40) Mr. Olympia, 2nd
  • NPC Masters (Over 40) Nationals, Overall Champion
  • 3-Time NPC Team Universe Champion & Holder of 5 National Titles
  • >
“I’ve been around bodybuilding at the highest levels for over 20 years and have won 6 national titles as a natural bodybuilder. I won the Team Universe Championships, the premiere drug-tested event in the country, THREE separate times. As you can imagine, competing naturally, I’ve tried every natural product you’ve ever heard of to get whatever edge I could. Some were OK, most were trash. I’ve tried other products that people said were the best and gotten no results at all.

When I got on the Top Legal Steroids Anabolic Pro Stack I was in shock within a few weeks! I even called the company to make sure this stuff was legit!

Top Legal Steroids is the real deal. It is the best, most potent group of products I have ever used in my 20 years in the game. I competed 17 pounds heavier than I ever competed in my life after my first Anabolic Pro Stack. If Top Legal Steroids can help me do that, a highly trained bodybuilder with years of experience, Lord knows what it can do for you.”

As a natural bodybuilder, you already know the dangers associated with steroids as well as how painful, illegal, and costly they can be. Testosterone and human growth hormone injections are not an option, nor are Winstrol V metabolic intensifiers. Instead, use our 3 amazing Top Legal Steroid formulas contained in the Anabolic Pro Stack – TEST Flex, GH Flex and WINNIE Flex. Each product is designed to offer natural muscle building, strength and performance solutions at a fraction of the cost of real steroids and without any adverse side effects.

IFBB Bodybuilding Chris Faildo Flexing

IFBB Bodybuilding Chris Faildo Flexing