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Simple answer…NO side effects. None. Zero. Nada. It seems like there is news every day of different herbs, ingredients and hormonal-type products are being taken off the market because they have potentially harmful side effects or only work short-term because of receptor downgrade. You don’t have to worry about that with Top Legal Steroids. When you look at the incredible safety record of the science used in our formulas, you’ll be totally comfortable with your choice.

• Since the inception of the science of homeopathy in the early 1800’’s, no homeopathic remedy has ever been recalled because it harmed someone.

• Homeopathic formulas are not known to interfere with any other remedy, supplement or medicine that an individual might take. You can combine your Top Legal Steroids with any other supplements that you care to use.

• Want some icing on the cake? Our lab is FDA registered and inspected and adheres to the same manufacturing standards and testing as when prescription drugs are manufactured.

The honest answer is that it’s very difficult to give you a precise timeline because we have clients of all ages and experience levels, each of whom is everyone is genetically unique. The majority of our clients feel very noticeable changes in the first month in terms of strength, energy, better sleep and faster recuperation. In the second and third months of usage, the visual changes become much more dramatic and noticeable…increased muscle mass, less bodyfat, more visible vascularity, a more ripped appearance and rounder, fuller muscle. However, your particular results may come a bit faster or slower based on your individual genetics and the effort you put into your training and nutrition.

Every Top Legal Steroids formula will last one month taken as directed. Simply stated, one bottle = a one month supply of that product.

Simple. Take two sprays of each formula under your tongue, three times per day. To maximize effectiveness, we highly recommend that you take the product(s) at the following times and in the following manner for best results:

Dose 1: – As soon as you wake up, take 2 full sprays of G7 FLEX under the tongue before eating, drinking or brushing your teeth. Hold for 30 seconds to allow for absorption. Then repeat with TEST FLEX and SHRED FLEX.

Dose 2: – Take 2 full sprays of each formula as outlined above at any point in the middle of the day or afternoon.

Dose 3: – Take your last 2 full sprays of each formula as outlined above right before going to sleep. We recommend that you do not eat or drink anything or brush your teeth for at least 5 minutes (10 minutes if possible) before and after taking each dose of the product(s). This will eliminate any possibility of interfering with complete absorption.

Three doses per day is the recommended dosage based on giving the body a consistent supply of each formula every 6-8 hours. We have no data on any other dosing regimen that would suggest higher doses would yield any greater benefit.

No. Our Anabolic Pros are not paid endorsers but we understand the question. When you look at a lot of supplement companies on the market who have top level athletes endorsing their products it is absolutely because they have been paid to do so. Not the case with Top Legal Steroids. Our athletes endorse the products because they work, not because their paid to recite scripted lines. To read more about their experiences with Top Legal Steroids, Click Here.

Great question! With the exception of 8-Time Ms. Olympia Lenda Murray, EVERY other athlete on this site was an AMATEUR when they got on the products and turned professional as quickly as 3-12 months later. As anyone who follows the supplement industry will tell you, most companies do NOTHING to help their athletes achieve pro status because they simply wait until the athlete turns pro then pay them to say how great their products are even though those products had NOTHING to do with making it to the pros. We’re proud that we have played a significant role in numerous athletes achieving their goals as well as thousands of non-competitors get the physique they’ve always wanted.

We recommend that you continue to use whatever training and nutritional programs you have gotten your best results. The best way we can explain it is that we are going to get you those results “Plus 25%. Let us explain. You are going to go to the gym however many times per week that you train and/or do cardio and you are going to eat however much protein, carbs and calories that you have structured into your nutritional program. If you do that for the next three months, let’s call your results “X”. When you add the Anabolic Pro Stack into the mix and do those exact same things, your results are going to be “X Plus 25%”.

Yes, women can take the formulas and many, many have in the 12 years we’ve been in business. To learn more about how the formulas help women achieve the bodies they want, Click Here.

Without a doubt. In fact, ask two of our Anabolic Pros, Johnny Stewart and Chris Faildo. Johnny turned pro by winning the Masters National Championships and being declared the best built guy in the country over 40 years of age and Chris turned pro by beating guys half his age when he won the most prestigious natural contest in the country, the Team Universe Championships, when he was 40. Both Johnny and Chris were using the Anabolic Pro Stack for their stellar Over-40 performances.

We ship everything within 24 hours and most United States orders arrive within three business days with our special priority delivery on every order.

Absolutely, completely discreet. There is no reference to Top Legal Steroids anywhere on the package.

Absolutely not. We never have in over 10 years we’ve been in business and we never will. Never.