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  • Apis Melifica
  • Arnica Montana
  • Calcarea Carbonica
  • Fucus Vesiculosus
  • Garcinia Cambogia
  • Hepar Suis
  • Hypophysis Suis
  • Phosphoricum Acidum
  • Thuja Occidentalis
  • Thyroid Extract (Thyroidinum Suis)

Combine SHRED FLEX with sound workouts & nutrition & you can experience the following incredible benefits:

  • Rapidly Slash Bodyfat with a Perfected Pro Metabolism
  • Get Ripped, Shredded and Striated Muscle…and keep it YEAR-ROUND
  • Safely Achieve Optimum Thyroid Function
  • Safely Eliminate Excess Fluid to Reveal EXTREME Vascularity
  • Reduce Cravings for Sweets

Here’s a news flash…the key to EXTREME fat loss has a little to do with dieting and a lot to do with your metabolism. We all know people who eat anything they want, don’t train any harder than you, and don’t live on a treadmill…yet they are always ripped. A fast metabolism allows you to get and stay ripped while a slower metabolism makes it harder for you to lose fat.


So how do you achieve a higher performing optimum metabolism? For years doctors have studied this issue and they arrived at a single conclusion. When an individual’s metabolism is turbocharged and strengthened, bodyfat is obliterated much more effectively, and the best method to effectively enhance and empower your metabolism is by optimizing your thyroid gland.

Well, finally there is a real solution. SHRED FLEX is the most revolutionary, potent, fat-burning agent ever created. SHRED FLEX provides balanced support for your thyroid gland (and metabolism) to function at the highest possible level for maximum fat loss. When your thyroid is firing on all cylinders and you eat properly, you get ripped.

Through a very sophisticated and scientific process, we isolated a homeopathic compound called thyroidinum.

Thyroidinum has been proven to safely and effectively optimize your thyroid function! A stronger, healthier, more active thyroid gives you a better-optimized metabolism! Your thyroid becomes a powerful, fat-incinerating partner, so you get results like those more genetically gifted bodybuilders you admire when combined with a sound nutrition program..


When developing SHRED FLEX, we were as obsessed with metabolic perfection as we were with perfection when G7 FLEX and TEST FLEX were in development. Thus, it was important to develop metabolic intensifying co-factors to combine with thyroidinum to maximize EXTREME fat loss. Working with a team of experts, we discovered NINE other ingredients to support your fat-shredding efforts.

SHRED FLEX contains premium ingredients that synergistically turbocharges your metabolism and improves your digestion for maximum benefit of the nutrients you take while getting shredded at the same time. It also has the added bonus of reducing cravings for sweets so you won’t fall victim to physique destroying binges.

Even when body fat levels are low, subcutaneous (under the skin, but outside the muscle cells) water can blur ripped muscularity. Keeping with our safe, natural approach, SHRED FLEX incorporates a very potent, natural diuretic that eliminates excess water without causing cramping. Instead of flattening out, looking smoother, and feeling weaker, you keep your muscle fullness and get rid of water under your skin.

The best part about SHRED FLEX is that it solves your metabolic problem by optimizing your own metabolism. Most other approaches to fat loss and metabolic enhancement are like using duct tape on a broken engine hose. That’s not a real solution. SHRED FLEX is the equivalent of a brand new, unbreakable hose that will never wear out and will increase your results beyond your wildest dreams. The perfect metabolism combined with fat burning levels you’ve always wanted await you. Are you ready?

With it’s fat loss properties and diuretic effects, SHRED FLEX is the most amazing metabolic enhancing product ever created. Top Legal Steroids does have a solid history of incredible onstage condition.

SHRED Flex is one component of the Anabolic Stack, a combination of the three most effective, safe legal steroids ever created. SHRED Flex is included in the Anabolic Stack because it is the ultimate fat-shredding anabolic to help you get a lean, ripped physique. TEST Flex provides dramatic increases in strength, performance and endurance while G7 Flex provides extreme muscle mass and turbocharged recuperation. The Anabolic Stack contains a one month supply of each cutting-edge formula at a $70 savings while the Anabolic PRO Stack contains a three month supply of every product at a whopping savings of over $450!