Top Legal Steroids



  • Avena
  • Calcarea Carbonica
  • Damiana
  • Magnesia Carbonica
  • Millefolium
  • Pituitary
  • Sabal
  • Suprarenalis (Suis)
  • Thuja Occidentalis
  • Urtica

Combine TEST FLEX with sound workouts & nutrition, you can experience the following incredible benefits:

  • Amazing Strength Increases for Maximum Performance & Muscular Stimulation
  • Extreme Energy for Maximum Intensity in the Gym
  • Significantly Enhanced Sexual Performance
  • Enhanced Pre-Workout Motivation
  • Increased Mental Focus and Concentration
  • Decreased Fatigue

If you want a chiseled, rock-hard body, it’s absolutely essential that you maximize your performance in the gym, which is exactly what TEST FLEX was designed to achieve. The technology used in the creation of TEST FLEX is so advanced, it has been scientifically-tested to radically increase your strength and performance without any shutdown of your hormonal system, so you can use it long-term with great results!

This is just like “having your muscle-building cake and eating it too”. No more on & off cycles, looking great then looking like crap like with other products & formulas. Non-stop muscle size & strength gains as you just get bigger & better, month after month.

Of all our Anabolic Pros, Middleweight National Champ, Eryk Bui understands strength & power. Before he ever thought about putting on posing trunks, Eryk was a Collegiate National Powerlifting Champion. He routinely squats over 700lbs., does strict bent over barbell rows with 405lbs. & benches over 500lbs…all at a body weight of less than 200lbs.


As if you wouldn’t get excited enough about this incredible strength and performance formula for it’s proven gym-related benefits, here’s something else for you (and your lucky partner) to get REALLY excited about. TEST FLEX has no less than three ingredients that were proven by Dr. Clarke and others to “increase male sexual power” and “increase female passion”. If there was ever a product that would make both you and your partner happy, it’s TEST FLEX!


TEST FLEX delivers these incredible strength and energy increases and super-charged sex -enhancing benefits in a completely safe, natural and totally legal formula. You will be amazed that a product as potent as this really exists without a prescription. It is the most unique, amazing strength and performance product ever formulated and truly delivers limitless opportunities in the gym and in the bedroom.


TEST FLEX is one component of the Anabolic Pro Stack, a combination of the 3 most effective, safe legal steroids ever created. TEST FLEX is included in our Anabolic Stack and Anabolic Pro Stack for dramatic increases in strength, performance, energy and endurance. G7 FLEX provides extreme muscle mass and turbocharged recuperation while SHRED FLEX is the ultimate fat-shredding anabolic to help you get a lean, ripped physique.

The Anabolic Stack contains a one month supply of each cutting-edge formula at a $70 savings while the Anabolic PRO Stack contains a 3 month supply of every product at a whopping savings of over $450!