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  • Dramatic Increases in Muscle Mass
  • Enhances Post-Workout Recuperation for More Muscle Growth
  • Reduces Fatigue from Intense Workouts for Quicker Recuperation
  • Better Sleep for More Muscle Growth
  • Provides Relief from Back and Joint Pain
  • Enhances Mental Focus and Concentration for Better Workouts

You’ve heard it a thousand times, but you may have underestimated how critical it is to improving your physique. With G7 FLEX you are going to be able to train harder, heavier and longer than you ever have before. We are talking maximum intensity here. But if you don’t recuperate, rest and heal in between those crazy workouts, your gains won’t be anywhere near what they could be. In fact, you might get injured and not improve at all!

That’s where the revolutionary muscle-building G7 FLEX formula comes in.

Gain Massive Amounts of Shredded, Quality Muscle Mass With The Most Advanced Muscle Growth Complex Ever Made Available Without a Prescription

The incredible ingredients in G7 FLEX have been proven to provide multiple benefits that all add up to 1 thing; MORE MUSCLE. Let’s take a closer look at how this amazing formula can help you build bigger, more qualitative muscle in multiple ways, at the same time!

G7 FLEX promotes post workout recuperation by reducing fatigue after you train. Every minute that you aren’t actively in the gym training or doing cardio, G7 FLEX is working internally to offset any muscular and systemic fatigue that can crush your muscle gains. In fact, it will also help you sleep better, when the body is truly at rest and has the greatest potential for muscular healing, recuperation and GROWTH. Faster healing and greater recuperation spells three things…consistency, intensity and muscle growth!

After painstaking research and consulting with homeopathic experts we discovered one particular ingredient that has been scientifically-tested and proven to exert a marked influence over muscular fibers and to stimulate muscular activity in the human body! Amazingly, this has never been brought to the attention of the one group of people who are more interested in building muscle than any other…bodybuilders and people who want to look like them! G7 FLEX is working with your body, day and night, to create the perfect environment for growth by turbocharging your results from your workouts while helping your body to heal and recuperate at an optimum rate.

G7 FLEX is one component of the Anabolic Pro Stack, a combination of the three most effective, safe legal steroids ever created. G7 FLEX is included in the Anabolic Stack for extreme muscle mass and turbocharged recuperation while TEST FLEX provides dramatic increases in strength, performance and endurance while SHRED FLEX is the ultimate fat-shredding anabolic to help you get a lean, ripped physique. The Anabolic Pro Stack contains a one month supply of each cutting-edge formula at a $70 savings while the Anabolic PRO Stack contains a 3 month supply of every product at a whopping savings of over $450!